large wall mirrorsLarge wall mirrors are often used in more than one way. The good form and function are generally the primary use of a mirror. However they also make great decors in your home. No matter what size home you have, you will always find a space for a mirror to fit in. Photo by: Houzz

Fashion vs Function – Why Use Large Wall Mirrors?

When looking for a mirror you should start by considering what the primary function will be in your home. It will more than likely be best in your room if you intend to check your reflection. With this in mind, you will have to consider the accessibility of the room, and the look and feel of it. You could also have the mirror in other parts of the house to serve the same purpose.
If you are thinking about enhancing the look of your home with some large wall mirrors, then you will have to install them in a different way. As an example, a hallway could be made to look bigger if you placed two large wall mirrors across each other. If you desire to create a illusion of space, you could place or position them at unique angles to achieve this feel. Another big benefit to installing a mirror is that they reflect sunlight, and can be used to brighten up a dark room.
The look and type of the large wall mirrors you purchase will depend on what purpose you intend for them to serve. Some other considerations need to be thought about with regards to purpose, however it is important that the mirrors serve their base purpose as well as possible.

How to install a large wall mirror?

Installing them will be your next job. Many large homes will have blanks walls where you could fit them. This would be a perfect spot to showcase your new set of large wall mirrors. A good design to go for is the ornamental style so that the walls do not look too bare. Another really good look to go for is by placing a vase or similar object in front of the large wall mirrors – this creates an almost 3d effect. You can find highly detailed wall mirror designs to match all sorts of setups.
Should you need to create more light in your room with the mirrors, they will need to be put where the artificial or natural light can be reflected the best. Again your choice will boil down to what what fit in that spot. You could find that a large frameless wall mirror will be more appropriate in this area. Consider choosing an non-standard shape – this will add a bit of interest to the room.

Features of Large Oversized Mirrors

Large wall mirrors are available in many different shapes and in a big variety of price ranges. They are also available in many different varieties of frames. Even the colors of the frames come in different shades! If you feel that the mirrors frame color should match your walls color, it shouldn’t be a hassle. If you want a rainbow type effect, you could look for a multi-colored frame – this adds warmth and brightness to the area. Should you be going after a classic effect or look, the traditional wooden frame might be best.  A modern home will be best off with a metal style frame.

At the end of the day, you need to consider all the above when looking to purchase decorative wall mirrors for your home. Choose well, and your large wall mirrors will end up adding elegance and style to your home.